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Naman and Saavi. The two learn about Nishant being kidnapped by Asuransh. Asuransh has trapped Nishant behind an invisible wall.

Ansh moves out of the house to find Piya. Piya bears labour pain all alone. Ansh sees fireflies and starts following them to reach out to Piya.

Saavi spreads a magic powder on the floor to trace the footprints. By seeing the footprints, Saavi gets to know that Nishant is somewhere around her.

Mistakenly, Naman enters the magical shield. Saavi learns about the wall when her hand gets trapped inside the wall.

Panditji comes and informs Saavi about the invisible wall.

Ansh follows the fireflies and comes to the temple where Piya is there. Piya gives birth to her child. Ansh gets to know about his child.

Mohanna comes to the temple following Ansh. She throws patalketki on Ansh and makes him weak. She challenges Ansh to save her child from her.

Mohanna fails to enter the temple owing to the protective layer around the temple. Ansh says she can never defeat God, who is with Piya.

Mohanna uses her powers to worsen the weather.

Saavi gives a mobile to Nishant through the invisible wall. Nishant calls Saavi to tell her the solution.

Heavy rains start. Water begins to collect inside the temple. Piya is fast asleep and fails to see all the chaos.

The water level begins to rise to the level of the child.

Ansh starts enacting as Dilruba chudail. He fools Mohanna to set himself free from her trap.

Ansh enters the temple while Mohanna is left behind. Irked Mohanna states that she will kill them once they step out of the temple.

Nishant and Naman come out of the invisible wall.

Nishant takes out his weapons.

The written update of 13 February 2019 Nazar episode full story ends.

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