Nazar 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

a child hits Adi. Adi falls down. Pari comes there and choices him up, she says brother you are hurt, whats your call? Adi seems away. Pari says simply inform me who hit you, i can beat them as you are my friend now. a few youngsters make fun of Pari and bully her. Pari seems at Adi to help her however he doesnt. Pari runs from there.

Nishant calls Piya and asks why she didnt come returned? Piya says i am looking ahead to Pari as its her first day at college. kids a teasing Pari. She gets irritated and uses her powers to throw window at them. Her long braid grabs the kid that bullied her and pushes him away. Adi sees all and is stunned. Pari leaves from there. college instances ends. Piya rushes to her Pari and asks why she got past due? Pari says I made a friend these days, youngsters were teasing me and him.. then.. I dont bear in mind, they began the fight.

Adi comes domestic. Ansh sees wound on his arm. Urvashi goes to bring remedy. She applies ointment at his wound, Adi screams in ache. He leaves from there. Urvashi says maybe Adi fought with other youngsters, he desires steering. Ansh says i’m not changing faculty for him. Urvashi says consider Adi’s future, he goes through emotional trauma. Ansh says he isn’t the same as others, he is high-quality. Urvashi begins leaving and tells Adi that she wont allow him stay right here longer. Vedsheree comes there and tells Urvahi to no longer shift in hotel room, you can stay here and befriend Adi.

important calls Piya and suggests kids to her that Pari beat. Piya calls Pari and asks if she beat all of them? Pari shakes her head. kids say that we were teasing her so she beat us. fundamental ask them to leave. Piya says they have been bullying her. most important says sorry about that.

Vedsheree and Chitali are decorating house for an occasion. Ansh is placing on lights. Adi tells Ansh that Urvashi is specific, we wont celebrate with her. Ansh asks him to simply accept her. Ansh goes to carry lighting however Urvashi brings them. Ansh asks her to stay away from Adi. Urvashi says in case you dont permit me get toward him then we wont bond.

Dilruba is looking at heroes pics. Naman comes there and says i have a wonder for you. She says what is it? Naman places a blindfold on her eyes and brings her to a person. Naman says he’s Hirthik Roshan. Dilruba says really? Naman says sure he is. Dilruba asks him to bounce like Hirthik. Naman whispers to bounce. He begins dancing funnily. Naman is tensed. Dilruba smiles and says he’s my Hirthik, she leaves with him.

PRECAP- Ansh comes in room and sees Adi’s letter. It reads that he irritates them lots so he is going to a hostel.


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