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Nazar 15 Aug episode begins with Pari helping Adi in getting up of the floor. She says she will shield him however different children begin prodding her.

Then, Piya chooses to hang tight outside the school for Pari. Simultaneously, some underhanded children attach Pari’s meshes to the entryway.

Pari blows up and changes into her actual self. She holds the child with her long interlace and later leaves him on the floor crying.

Adi gets terrified subsequent to seeing everything. Pari likewise feels strange after she gets into her human self.

Afterward, Ansh enquires from Adi about her injuries. He lies that he fell in the passageway. Urvashi attempts to control Ansh in trusting Adi more likely than not gotten into a battle.

Ansh will not send Adi in the lodging. Adi tunes in to everything and later Urvashi drives him away by saying she won’t let him remain there for a really long time.

Piya is called to the school again for Pari’s grievance. The children state that Pari kicked irate and off harming them. They further acknowledge they prodded Pari. Piya thinks the children are lying.

Urvashi wishes to put lights with Adi and coexist with him. Then, Naman chooses to astound Sanam and acquaints her with a phony Hrithik Roshan.

Sanam will not trust it is genuine Hrithik and guides him to move.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Adi leaves a letter expressing that he is going to remain with his mom.

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