Nazar 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Nishant and Rathods’ praying to God for Piya’s toddler. Ansh and Piya are attempting to find their child. The toddler is on the brim of the waterfall.

The basket sporting the toddler falls down the waterfall. Mohanna receives satisfied seeing this and leaves. suddenly, a snake comes up wearing the child.

Ansh and Piya see the pores and skin of Sarpraaj. Piya says Sarpraaj constantly assist the needy. They experience that their infant is with Sarpraaj.

Mohanna sees the kid and comes near it to kill it. Sarpraaj comes and protects the child. He throws Mohanna away.

He defeats Mohanna and takes away the child with himself. Ansh and Piya come to that vicinity and find Mohanna unconscious.

Sarpraaj takes the child to Lord Shiva’s temple. Ansh and Piya pay attention to the voice of the bell and reach out to the temple.

Mohanna wakes up and calls Kaagraj to crack an address him.

She asks him to provide her Vetalmritaki, the final power.
Ansh and Piya reach to the temple but didn’t find the baby there. Piya sees her toddler’s footprints.

Kaagraj gives the Vetalmritaki to Mohanna. She sprays the Vetalmritaki chakra around the region because of which all of us that falls within the chakra will die.

Ansh and Piya learn about a severe coincidence. unexpectedly, all of the twists of fate sufferers rise up and grow to be beasts.

Piya says this is the effect of Vetalmritaki. The beasts begin following Ansh and Piya.

Panditji tries to make Tamra’s mom understand that her son is an Assurance. Saavi stops them from leaving her house.

Naman locks Neelam and her mother in the basement.

No Precap

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