Nazar 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 18 Mar episode starts with Vedashri taking part in her special Daayan bath. Shekhar comes there trying to find her.

He gets bowled over whilst Vedashri says she is least affected with Tara long past missing.

Vandana tells Mayank aka Asuransh that Nishant came to her and inquired about a female. She asks her if he’s hiding anything from her. Mayank refuses.

Ansh asks Vedashri to attend to Adi aka Munna for some time. Munna starts offevolved gambling with Vedashri’s necklace.

Vandana begins doing preparations for Mayank’s shagun ceremony. Asuransh catches hold of the lady’s kundali.

He learns that she is the lady who has the rakshas keel.

Vedashri struggles to get her necklace back from Munna. Munna burns Vedashri’s hand at the side of the necklace when she snatches it away.

whilst Vedashri tries to attack Munna, he will become a large size. Munna pushes away Vedashri. Ansh comes there.

Vedashri speaks a mislead cover up the state of affairs. Shekhar tells Ansh and Piya about Vedashri’s bizarre behavior.

Piya says there is a danger that Vedashri is probably affected by an evil soul. Piya makes a special concoction to study the evil soul.

Piya tells them that we have to spray the liquid on Vedashri to recognize if she is possessed by evil energy or now not.

Vedashri questions Piya about the bottle. Piya says Panditji has given the water to expel evil souls from the residence.

Vedashri lashes out on Piya for sprinkling the water. Piya says that Vedashri is underneath the have an effect on of evil power.

Panditji comes to Vedashri and tells her that he is here to find out the evil electricity in the residence through the concoction.

when Panditji throws water on her, Vedashri is available in her Daayan avatar.

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