Nazar 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 19 Apr episode begins with Mohanna undermining Piya concerning Adi’s condition. Piya curses her for upsetting her child.

Mohanna says she will support her and consequently, she needs her assistance. Nishant cautions Ansh not to take Mohanna’s assistance.

Ansh will not take Mohanna’s assistance. He includes that he will take appropriate consideration of Adi. Ansh cautions Piya not to trust Mohanna.

Vedashri freezes as Adi turns blue. Ansh says we will apply the home grown creation on Adi to fix him. Mohanna endeavors to control Piya.

Mohanna utilizes her forces to bring Piya out from her mermaid body. In the interim, Ansh, Vedashri, and Chaitali look for Piya.

Piya leaves her mermaid symbol.

Nishant gets annoyed as Mohanna constrained Piya to take her assistance.

Adi likewise returns to ordinary. Ansh questions Piya about the condition which Mohanna has kept before her.

Piya reviews that Mohanna has requested that her assistance her in the hour of need. Piya abstains from advising anything to Ansh according to Mohanna’s directions.

In the interim, Shekhar returns back in the Rathod house. He carries a little child with him. The child is Kohra, Mohanna’s adversary.

The house gets secured with Kohra. The child states to Mohanna that he will take her soon.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Kohra assaults Mohanna.


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