Nazar 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 19 Aug episode begins with Urvasi following Adi in the wilderness. He gets him and takes him to the highest point of a structure. He gets terrified and trips from the porch.

Simultaneously, Pari comes following her Rakhi and sees Adi holding tight the porch. She utilizes her forces to spare Adi and bounces off the patio.

Piya witnesses everything and acknowledges Pari has powers. She meets Pari’s new companion and acknowledges he is her child Aditya.

Ansh calls for Adi while Piya chooses to avoid him. Afterward, Piya talks about Pari’s forces with Nishant. She needs her to ensure Pari similarly as Adi.

Adi returns home and Vedashree gets stressed to see blemishes on his arms. Urvashi gets stunned to see him fit as a fiddle.

Adi is going to tell about Urvashi however she comes before him and alarms him. Afterward, Ansh reveals to Urvashi that he needs to bring Piya back in Adi’s life.

Ansh further chooses to give the wedding band back to Urvashi and chooses to break the marriage.

Urvashi advises Mohana everything and says Adi is the issue in their relationship. She likewise advises about Ansh choosing to bring Piya back in his life.

Then, Nishant chooses to utilize the slag of verifications to get some answers concerning the dark power. He finds from the test that the malicious power is a blend of every single dark power.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Urvashi chooses to go out while Ansh lands with a harmed Mohana.

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