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Chaitali and others seeing a lady crying over her mother’s death. Nishant senses a few threat and attempts to prevent, but fails.

The female and her mom are Vetalmrataki beasts who start following them. Ansh and Piya also are followed by means of Vetalmrataki beasts.

Mohanna reveals a person in the jungle. She starts eating him to advantage a few energy. To her awful success, the person turns into Vetalmrataki beast.

The person runs after Mohanna with an axe. Mohanna rushes to save her life.

Ansh and Piya are stuck inner their vehicle, at the same time as the beasts hover on their vehicle. Piya and Ansh cover the home windows in their car with papers so that the beasts can not see them.

several beasts come in the direction of Mohanna as she falls down inside the jungle.

Ansh tries to trick the beasts however fails. Ansh kills the beasts by means of flipping the car onto them.

Mohanna climbs up a tree to save herself from the beasts.

Mohanna talks to herself and says that she wishes to step out of the chakra to keep her life.
Rathod own family struggles to fight with the beasts. Piya comes and saves them. They rush to attain a secure location.

Vedashri says Mohanna is liable for Vetalmrataki. Nishant says we can not kill the mritaki’s. He says we have to break out the chakra to keep our lives.

Saavi and Naman discover the following girl who is maximum likely the next goal of Asuransh.

Piya informs Rathod circle of relatives that their toddler has to be at her old house. meanwhile, mritaki’s come there. Vedashri says we are able to seize their interest.

Vedashri asks Ansh and Piya to visit their toddler and save him.

Saavi says we will seize Asuransh whilst he’ll assault the brand new female.

The written update of 19 February 2019 Nazar episode full tale ends.

Precap:- Mohanna enters Rathod residence.

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