Nazar 19th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 19 Sep episode begins with Bhasmika blowing up on certain children outside the sanctuary. She consumes the ball and Guru Maa perceives her voice as Piya.

She detects that she isn’t Piya while Bhasmika assaults her. In the mean time, Saavi asks why Piya left the children alone and Pari additionally says her conduct was not typical.

Simultaneously, Bhasmika accompanies breakfast for children. Saavi again gets suspicious with her conduct while children get content with Sunday breakfast.

The genuine Piya can’t contact anything. Afterward, Bhasmika offers breakfast to the children and her plume tumbles down on the floor.

Piya finds she can contact the sand and chooses to utilize it. Bhasmika returns at Rathod house as Piya with Pari and Adi.

Bhasmika reveals to Piya that she will finish her main goal during the evening. Afterward, Bhasmika calls Ansh by messaging him in private.

Piya has enlivened a bath for her central goal while Nishant thinks about how Bhasmika is as yet alive. They see a way of dark fiery remains and choose to tail it.

Ansh arrives at the gallery and Piya finds Bhasmika needs to draw near to Ansh. In the interim, Nishant and Saavi see an intimation on the divider and conclude that Bhasmika is in Piya’s structure.

Piya attempts to prevent Bhasmika and Ansh from drawing nearer by tossing sand.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Ansh finds the young lady before him isn’t Piya and requests genuine Piya.


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