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Mohana conveys Adi to Rahul, he is going to take him however Mohana moves away and Piya is remaining behind her. Rahul scowls at her, makes smoke and evaporates before Piya can wound him.

Mayank is washing face. Panna utilizes her forces to make his veins pop like animal and supposes I need to make my child sick for my central goal. Tara sees him and puts hand on his shoulder. He falls back however Tara holds him and his veins become fine. She asks what was the deal? for what reason would you say you are cold? I will bring specialist. Mayank says it happens here and there, I am fine.

Smoke comes in Vedsheree’s room. She makes Shekhar wake up and says smoke came in house once more. All relatives accumulate in parlor. They request Piya and Ansh. Mohana says where did he go? Rahul comes behind Mohana. Mohana says he is here, execute him Piya.

Piya is strained and says I cant. Mohana says on the off chance that you dont satisfy your guarantee, at that point it wont be great.

Ansh awakens and sees smoke in room, he goes to scan for Piya.

Tara comes to Sanam and gives her key of Panna’s trunk. They go to check it.

Mohana asks Piya to slaughter him. Piya tosses knife, Rahul tumbles down.

All are glancing around for Piya. Ansh says where is she?

Tara opens trunk. Sanam sees some old and abnormal things inside.Tara discovers a few papers. Sanam says we will discover some piece of information. She hears Panna coming. Sanam says gives up, she can come here. Tara says I will attempt to stop her, you close this, she leaves.

All relatives come in parlor to see Rahul’s body on floor and blood on him. Vedsheree says somebody killed him. Chitali says what.. Shekhar says what will I answer to his folks? Ansh says I am certain Mohana is behind this. Vedsheree says she didnt like him however you murdered him? Mohana says I didnt slaughter Rahul. Ansh says then who slaughtered him? Piya says I did.. All are stunned.

Panna is setting off to her room. Tara covers up and tosses some fluid in her way. Panna solidifies on spot for at some point.

Vedsheree says to Piya that you cannot do it, you cannot execute an honest. Avi looks blade and says its Piya’s blade. Chitali says it implies she slaughtered Rahul? Ansh asks Piya for what good reason? there must be some reason. Piya says I gave Mohana witch guarantee when she liberated me from mermaid trap. Ansh says why you guaranteed her? I guided you to not do any arrangement with her, you never let me know. Piya says I was defenseless. Ansh says it made you murder a child?

Sanam closes trunk and sees Panna solidified in a spot. Mayank comes there and says who did it? Tara and Sanam stows away. Mayank makes Panna eat gold. She turns out to be fine once more. Mayank inquires as to whether she is fine? Who did it?

Chitali says to Piya that you murdered him. Piya says no, my blade cannot hurt anybody which I dont need to slaughter. Avi says yet Rahul kicked the bucket with this blade. Mohana says he isn’t human. They see Rahul disappearing and getting to be smoke. Ansh says what is this? Mohana says its smoke from smoke world, witches go to that world when they kick the bucket, I didnt go there so he came behind me, I helped Piya and she helped me, I didnt constrain her. Chitali says what to do regarding this smoke now?

Panna comes to Tara and asks who tossed garlic fluid here you did it? Mayank comes there and says no, it tumbled from me, he requests that Tara bring his stuff from kitchen. She goes. Panna says you lied?

Precap Upcoming Nazar Episode Update: Nishant peruses that smoke insidious has 6 fingers. They discover 6 fingers on Rahul’s feet. Nishant says its uncommon smoke fiendish. Mohana says he wont save us now, it will be startling.


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