Nazar 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 24 Apr episode begins with Piya drawing nearer towards Kohra with a knife. Kohra fills the whole live with haze.

Panna blends the mixture k. As she advances, Mayank gets abnormal checks on his body. Tara contacts Mayank and the imprints vanish.

The whole Rathod house gets loaded up with haze. Rahul shows up. Mohanna asks Piya to cut Rahul. Piya states that she can’t execute Rahul.

Mohanna makes her review her Daayan vachan. Ansh races to discover Piya when he discovers her missing in the room.

Tara hands over the key of Panna’s trunk to Sanam. They head towards Panna’s room.

Piya tosses the knife towards Rahul. Rahul crashes and burns on the ground. Rathod relatives look for Piya.

Tara and Sanam find bizarre items in Panna’s trunk.

Panna heads towards her room. Tara and Sanam avoid her.

Vedashri and others get stunned to see Rahul’s dead body. Piya says she did this.

Tara spills the enchantment fluid on the floor. Panna ventures over it and her legs transform into pony legs.

Rathods neglect to trust Piya. Ansh questions Piya over her activity. Piya informs them concerning Daayan vachan given by Mohanna.

Mayank gets stunned to see solidified Panna. Tara and Sanam shroud seeing Mayank. Mayank takes Panna back to ordinary.

Mohanna discloses to Rathods’ that Rahul was Kohra’s associate.

Panna questions Tara about the ginger fluid lying on the floor. Mayank says he spilt it.

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