Nazar 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 25 Apr episode begins with Mayank saying ‘sorry’ to Panna for Tara’s mix-up. Panna questions Mayank’s affections for Tara. Mayank says she is mixing up him.

Tara catches their discussion. Sanam hands over an uncommon thing to Tara saying that it is of Panna. Mayank canal boats into the room.

He addresses Tara for hurting his mom. Tara counters him by checking the agony he has offered to her.

Mayank demonstrates his genuine character of Asuransh to Tara. Tara gets frightened on observing him and leaves. Saavi and Naman take Tara alongside them.

Tara tells Nishant, Naman, and Saavi that Panna is a rakshas. Tara hands over Panna’s uncommon stone to Nishant.

The stone begins gleaming.

Nishant states it is rakshas kaal stone which contains the whole data about a rakshas.

Nishant reveals to Tara such Mayank’s reality is in risk. Tara gets stressed over Mayank.

Ansh takes Rahul’s body to his room. Kohra begins covering the room. Ansh tells that now Kohra will send a greater amount of his assistants.

Nishant tells that on the off chance that somebody slaughters Kohra’s extraordinary assistant, at that point he renders savage retribution from the individual.

Panna gets furious on Mayank for helping Tara escape. She says she can’t live without him.

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