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Panna stops Tara and inquires as to whether she tossed ginger glue on floor? Mayank says no I may have dropped it, he requests that Tara leave, she leaves. Panna says you just returned home, you lied for her? Mayank says she doesnt recollect that anything about you so she didnt do it. Panna says you know whether you dont do it then what will occur? Tara stows away and hears it.

Sanam gives something to Tara and says I saw it with Panna so it must be significant, she leaves. Mayank comes to Tara and says you hurt my mom.. He snatches her arm however she says what regarding my torment? my family abandoned me as a result of you and your mother needs us to have.. personal connection yet I wont give it a chance to occur, she swings to leave however Mayank says you need to know truth? He takes animal symbol, Tara gets terrified and runs.

Tara comes up short on house. Mayank comes there yet Saanvi’s vehicle comes there and removes Tara.

Tara informs Saanvi regarding Mayank’s mother. Nishant says we need to know why she is doing this. Tara demonstrates them stone which Panna employments. Nishant takes it and it gleams. He says is that.. he puts stone on table. It sparkles and shows animal world’s stone. Tara says it may be of Mayank. Nishant says this stone shows overshadow it implies Mayank is in peril. Tara says he is going to kick the bucket? Naman says then we dont need to do anything. Nishant says Tara is in risk, we need to keep her safe. Tara is strained. Saanvi says gives up Tara. She leaves with her.

Saanvi conveys Tara to room. Tara expresses gratitude toward them for sparing her. Saanvi says you informed us on schedule. Tara says I never informed you.. Saanvi says who informed us at that point? Tara considers and says Mayank, he more likely than not called you both.

Nishant finds out about smoke world being last universe of witches after death. Naman says that is the reason Mohana was frightened of it. He gets a call, Ansh discloses to him that Piya slaughtered smoke world’s child. Nishant says keep that body in house and spread it, smoke shouldnt realize that we murdered it.

Ansh sees Rahul’s body missing. Mohana is taking it however Ansh requests that her abandon him. Ansh takes Rahul and goes in room.

Scene 2

Tara says Mayank informed Saanvi to pick me and didnt come behind me, he needs to spare me? why he wedded me compellingly at that point? is it safe to say that he was constrained as well? I am certain he is doing this on Panna’s colloquialism yet what does she needs?

Ansh says to family that smoke shouldnt think about it. Piya asks what. They see smoke filling in room and says we need to cover Rahul, they put cover on Rahul yet smoke contacts Rahul’s hand. Ansh says Nishant said that smoke shouldnt think about this generally many smoke indecencies will come. Mohana says what? Ansh says they will assault us now. Vedsheree says what we will do?

Nishant meets family. He peruses books about smoke world. Nishant says on the off chance that exceptional smoke is dead, at that point they render serious retribution, spcial smoke have 6 fingers. They all go to keep an eye on Rahul.

Mayank gets back home. Panna says where is Tara? Mayank says she ranaway. Panna says I dont know why you are doing this, you care for her more than me? I am doing this for you, you dont have time, you need that bird memento. Mayank says I cannot drive Tara, its off-base. Panna says she is your better half. Mayank says I constrained her to wed, she doesnt acknowledge this connection. Panna says we cannot live without you, you dont care about your mom yet spouse as it were.

Precap Upcoming Nazar Episode Update: Nishant peruses that smoke detestable has 6 fingers. They discover 6 fingers on Rahul’s feet. Nishant says its uncommon smoke insidious. Mohana says he wont save us now, it will be unnerving.


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