Nazar 25th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Family of relatives is playing with Munna. Chitali says they stored Munna. Vedsheree says he have to be frightened of Mohana. Chitali says he have to have been crying. Ansh says no he was robust. Chitali says however he is a small toddler. Munna starts following his ball, he gives order for couchto transport in air and takes ball from below, all are shocked to peer his stunt. Piya says our Munna have powers. Ansh says he stored us from Mohana. Piya says I didnt know he had powers like these. Shekhar says that could be a accurate information. Avi says I cant accept as true with it. Vedsheree says he have to have powers, he has Ansh and Piya’s powers. Munna crawls and goes on wall, all are scared that he might collapse. Neha says he is spiderman. Vedsheree sees a black cat sitting on wall.

Nishant says to Saanvi that Naman made Mohana depart.

Saanvi says i’ve Mohana’s hair, we are able to discover truth. Nishant says Mohana is unfastenedand might assault Munna.
All own family members are in automobile going to mandir. a few bats attack their vehicle. Vedsheree says what is all this? Avi says this is not safei can try to scare them. He goes out and attempts to fire them. Bats are soaring over them. Piya covers Munna in material. Bats leave. Vedsheree says they left while we he hid Munna.

Saanvi says to Naman which you are a idiot to let Mohana move. She sees some thing and is goingto it.

Ansh tries to begin car however it breakdowns. Shekhar says what we can do? Avi says there’s a bus stand close bywe can go there. They put Munna in pram. Vedsheree says cat changed intostaring at Munna. She sees someone at the back of tree. Ansh says there is no person there. They around to look tree on foot closer to them, they’re bowled over. Chitali says that is ghost. Munna’s pram starts offevolved going closer to glowing tree. Piya and Ansh runs to it. Piya attempts to apply her powers however pram is going close to tree and Munna becomes of stone. Tree vanishes and Munna will become fine again. Piya runs to Munna and takes him.

Saanvi says to Naman that i can use Mohana’s hair and tie it to witch tree and we can recognizewhat she read in paper. She does it and reveals out what was in paper.

Piya says there are a few excellent powers and bad powers but they have been awful powers. Nishant comes there and says Munna has risk from all awful powers as he has powers that they need. Piya says he cant live a regular existence. Nishant says we have to snatch his powers to present him a normal life. Piya says however he stored his lifestyles the use of his powers. Ansh says Nishant is properthat is all taking place due to his powers. Piya says Munna saved himself using his powers, what if we take his powers after which someone assaults him? Vedsheree says while he doesnt have powers then no one will attack him, he cant stay lifestyles that, chance will hold coming to him. Nishant says those powers are a curse for him. Piya says no, we ought to think about it. Ansh says he will stay near risk, I need to offer him normal lifestyles, he could no longerget any buddy, he may be harassed like me, I dont want my son to stay that lifestyles. All circle of relatives participants ask Piya to agree. Piya asks Nishant how he will do it? Nishant says i’ve a solution.

PRECAP- Nishant says bee will take Munna’s powers. Bee flies away. Nishant says seems like bee discovered some awful power right here. Ansh is going to bee and says accept as true with me, i will now not harm you. suddenly vase breaks on Ansh. All are stunned.


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