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Nazar 25 Mar episode starts with Vedashri giggling at Piya for trusting her. Piya attempts to make her recollect her past. Vedashri states that now she is just a Daayan.

Vedashri plucks out her hair strand and ties it to the Daayan vriksh. The hair strand gets converted right into a choti.

Tara comes to her room. She tells Jaya that she will be able to leave this vicinity because Mayank is threatening her. Jaya says she is aware of a safe area.

Vedashri says she can convert Piya right into a Daayan. She places the choti in Piya’s head. unexpectedly, Vedashri receives a shock and falls down. Piya disappears.

While Tara, Jaya, and Koyal begin leaving along with their luggage, Jaya and Koyal faint. Mayank comes to Tara.

Tara questions him for troubling her. Mayank says Jaya and Koyal are bearing the plight of her mistake. Mayank says only he can keep her circle of relatives.

Mayank blackmails Tara for Jaya and Koyal’s lifestyles. He asks her no longer to tell anything to Avinash.

At some point of the Holika dahan, Vedashri shows her Daayan avatar to Rathod circle of relatives. She states that she is an Ekayan. Ansh questions her about Piya.

Vedashri questions returned Ash about Piya. She tells Ansh that Piya was ash when she planted the Daayan choti on her head.

Tara hides Koyal and Jaya’s frame from Avinash. Avinash feels some thing wrong in Tara’s behaviour however Tara avoids telling him something.

Ansh questions Vedashri for selecting incorrect over right. Vedashri says she is powerful and so she is a winner.

Nishant, Saavi, and Naman see Tara and Divya on the taral paper.

Mayank blackmails Tara to agree to his condition to shop Jaya and Koyal. Tara agrees to observe his situation.

Nishant learns that the rakshas keel is internal Tara’s body. Nishant says Tara can not supply the keel to anybody however her husband.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Piya comes in her Dayan avatar.


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