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Family watches that Rahul have six fingers and is exceptional. Panna says in the event that Mayank feels that he can stop me, at that point he isn’t right, I will torment him so much that he will bring Tara back. She utilizes her forces to torment Mayank.

Sanam comes to Mayank and sees him crying in torment. Mayank requests that her leave.

Nishant says to family that uncommon smoke was executed. Mohana says I dont know anything other than it will be unsafe, its malicious, dark and no one knows it. They hear lift ringing. Nishant says all prepare.

Panna attempts to utilize her bowl yet stick stalls out in it, she says no, what did I do? he cannot bite the dust, who will satisfy my fantasy at that point?

Lift opens and children come. Nishant asks who you need to meet? Kds state we are in wrong house and leaves. Chitali says what now?

Mayank is crying in agony. Panna comes there and says dont realize what to do. Tara comes there and puts hand on him, she asks what’s going on? Abruptly Tara makes him fine. Panna imagines that they can give me control together. Mayank asks Tara for what reason she cameback? Tara says as a result of you, I became more acquainted with you are passing on. Mayank says I gave you torment, constrained you and you cameback? Panna says thank you for sparing Mayank. Tara says I know everything. Panna supposes she knows everything, she says I needed bird memento to spare my child however I am glad that you cherish him as I do. tara says no, you are one that is tormenting Mayank.

Nishant leaves with Rahul and Ansh. Chitali says Koel’s nlaws are coming here. All are strained. Lift opens and a person and father is inside. Ansh conceals Rahul from them by hopping on divider. All are strained. Shekhar welcomes family. Fellow’s mom goes into house. She welcomes them. All grin. Nishant murmurs to Piya that we cannot do much at this point.

Tara says to Mayank that your mother is sending you to death, I dont know why she is doing this. Mayank says enough, dont state a word against my mother. Tara says you dont trust me at that point ask Sanam. Sanam says she is correct, she didnt make you win. Mayank says becuse she needed me to wed young lady who can acquire half of bird memento my life and spare me. Sanam says she was accomplishing something today too which tormented you. Mayank says what she did? she says I dont recall. Panna tumbles down and says individuals are pointing fingers at my adoration? I thoroughly took care of you, you are my life, I am your mom, how might I slaughter you? She embraces him and cries. Mayank embraces her and says I can never question you. Tara says dont trust her phony tears. Mayank yells at her to stop it, he takes Panna from that point.

Tara is glancing around for Mayank when coins fall on her, she s going to tumble from blacony yet Panna holds her hand. She says I can make you fall. Tara says you need me. Panna pulls her back and says you are making my child against me? he is my child. Tara says he is my significant other as well, when he knows truth then he will be against you. Panna says I have given him toxic substance to make him, I have influenced him to trust that he needs hawk memento yet I need that really.

Precap Upcoming Nazar Episode Update: Ansh is endeavoring to climb working with Rahul’s body close by yet he gets pulled back on gallery. He says why my forces are not working?


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