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Mohana and Divya comes to Adi. Mohana says we cant use him if he is of stone. Divya tells Adi that if you dont come to be alive then you definately cant meet your parents. Adi will become alive. Mohana says now we will use him in opposition to Ansh and Piya. Divya assaults Mohana with patal liquid and says the entirety is truthful in battle, I should get that sword, she leaves with Adi.

Ansh and Piya comes close to patal fireplace. Ansh says i can break it by myself. Piya says no we will do the entirety collectively. She takes sword. Ansh asks her to be cautious. Piya closes her eyes to walk forward without hurting her eyes. Ansh guides her via hearth. She is about to break the sword but Divya comes there and says dont wreck this sword, it may assist us end evil on this world. Ansh says dont concentrate to her, its an phantasm. Divya says your son cant be an illusion, she brings out Adi and says we need to end evil powers from global, take sword and comeback. Piya says now not all evil powers are terrible. Divya says in case you dont deliver sword to me, i can leap in fire with Adi. Piya says no, she offers her sword and says give Adi to me.

Dilruba and Panna looking to seize mani from Guru Maa. Guru Maa comes to mandir and throws mani away. Panna says this is not accurate, Mihana can use this now.

Ansh and Piya comes out of fire location with Adi. Piya says I had to provide her that sword. Ansh says dont fear, we are together. Piya says its no longer that clean, it will likely be a combat on your duties. Ansh says we’re collectively, our love and agree with will win in the end.

Nishant meets Piya and Ansh in house. Nishant says Mohana and Divya

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