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Nazar 27 Sep episode begins with Naman crying once again his significant other disappearing. In the interim, Mohana attempts to leave the cellar while Nishant hears the egg yelling.

Piya utilizes some fluid to help Adi get free from articles he is holding. In the interim, Nishant spans to discover the egg retaining the vitality everything being equal.

Mohana diverts Nishant and takes the egg. Simultaneously, Piya is stressed over Pari carrying on peculiarly.

Mohana discusses somebody antiquated returning and the egg opening at the perfect time. She calls Pari for assistance to enter the Pataal Ketki cascade.

Piya and Ansh attempt to stop Pari yet she is unyielding to go to Mohana. Simultaneously, Adi arrives at stop his sister and holds her hand.

Mohana chooses to enter the Pataal Ketki cascade alone regardless of whether it harms her. Afterward, Naman attempts to wake Sanam up and Nishant concludes she is as yet alive.

In the interim, Piya and Ansh attempt to reason the best approach to discover the truth of egg. Shekhar says no one but Mohana can help them as she is a Daayan.

He further uncovers that Mohana has gotten away Bandaap sanctuary. They additionally reason that Pari has helped Mohana in getting away.

Nishant discovers something in the book and asks Saavi to prepare. In the mean time, Ansh likewise has some intend to support Pari.

Stay Tuned With Us To Know What Will Happen Next In The Nazar

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Some hazardous animal will get presented by Mohana.

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