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Visitors are in house. Ansh shrouds Rahul with Mohana. Visitors state we will begin marriage festivities from today for Neha and our child. Adi sees Ansh covering up and chuckles. Family keeps visitors occupied. Ansh leaves.

Ansh comes to gallery. Nishant calls him and requests that he cut Rahul’s body down. Ansh hops from overhang however cant go down, he reveals to Nishant that I cannot move. All of a sudden he is pulled back on gallery. Mohana asks what was the deal? detestable dont need this body to go outside of house.

Tara says to Panna that Mayank is my better half as well, when he know truth, he will be against you. Panna says he will never know truth, I have given him poison since begin, I required that falcon memento not him. Tara says its great you disclosed to me truth yourself. Panna says you won’t recall it. She utilizes her forces to influence Tara to overlook everything, she leaves.

Vedsheree is appearing near. Mohana takes Ansh to live with Rahul’s body.

Tara conveys Panna to Mayank and says she acknowledged that she gives you toxic substance and she needs that hawk memento not you, she wanted to eradicate my memory however I remember everything. Panna acts honest and says what’s going on did I do with you? Tara says to Mayank that she is lying, trust me. Panna cries. Mayank goes to her.

Ansh hops on divider to shroud Rahul. Rahul’s body tumbles from his hands however Mohana snatches it utilizing her mesh. All look on.

Mayank embraces his mom. Tara says dont trust her phony tears, trust me. Mayank yells enough, I dont what issue you have with my mom yet she is best mother of world, in the event that you state another word without wanting to her, at that point I will overlook.. Panna says dont express anything to her, I dont need you to battle as a result of me, I will go out so you both are cheerful. Mayank says no, you wont go anyplace, Tara will go out.

Visitors go to their room. Mohana takes Rahul’s body from that point.

Mayank gets Tara’s hand and tosses her out of house. Panna grins. Tara is harmed however stops lift before it closes. She goes into house again and says I am heartbroken, I took your mother wrongly, pardon me. Mayank says express sorry to learn mother by contacting her feet. Tara believes that I need to remain in this house to bring her fact out. She goes to Panna and says I am grieved. Panna stops her and says you are my little girl, its great that you understood your slip-up. She embraces her and thinks its my defenselessness that I need to keep her in house to get that bird memento.

Ansh conceals Rahul in ice chest. Neha comes there with her man of the hour Shardul and is going to open ice chest yet Ansh gives her water and squeeze.

Sanam says to Tara that Mayank is in Panna’s control, he will never confide in us. Tara says I know yet I cannot lose and abandon him realizing he is in peril. Sanam says however in what manner will we bring Panna’s face infront of Mayank? Why she needs that hawk memento? Tara says we need to ensure she doesnt hurt Mayank more, you revealed to me that she utilizes a stick and bowl? Sanam says yes. Tara says we need to discover and shroud it. Lets look through her room. The two of them leave.

Mohana asks Neha to take Shardul on porch. Neha says alright and leaves with him. Mohana says we cannot keep him here longer. The two of them swing to leave however feels something. Mohana says I feel like somebody is watching out for us.

Precap Upcoming Nazar Episode Update: Shardul’s mom comes to Ansh and asks where is my child? Ansh says Shardul is on patio with Neha. She says I implied my child Rahul whom you murdered. Ansh is staggered and asks who is she? She says I am Shalaka, ruler from malevolence smoke world.


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