Nazar 2nd September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 2 Sep episode begins with Urvashi accusing Adi for consuming her face. Ansh blows up and sends him to his room. Pari gets terrified to see Avinash and covers up in his organizer.

Avinash locks the organizer and Pari stalls out in it. In the mean time, Adi recalls Urvashi came in her unique structure by contacting his bangle.

Adi chooses to go in Urvashi’s room and Pari utilizes her forces to move the cabinet. Adi contacts Urvashi’s hand and she changes into her actual structure.

Mohana bounces off the stairs to prevent Ansh and Vedashree from seeing Urvashi’s actual structure. Urvashi assaults Adi yet he gets ensured by utilizing his bangle.

Ansh calls the specialist for Mohana while Adi gets Pari out of the cabinet. Afterward, Pandatji discloses to Vedashree that there is some malevolent soul in her home.

Nishant and Saavi alongside Naman attempt to find the puzzle of Bhasmika. Then, Adi and Pari make an arrangement to make their folks meet.

Adi and Ansh apologize to one another and clear their disparities. Adi and Pari both attempt to support their folks about an excursion.

Sanam says she thinks about the dark power while Nishant attempts to utilize Saavi in discovering reality.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Ansh sings an enthusiastic melody after observing Piya at the camp

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