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Ansh calls Nishant and tells him that he stored Rahul’s frame in refrigerator.
Shardul’s father says that we’re seeking to ebook lodge but all are booked. Chitali says you can live here with us. All are tensed. Shekhar thinks that Ansh may have taken Rahul away and says its suitable if you humans live right here, you are our visitors and we can setup for marriage together. Shardul’s father says okay we are able to stay here. Nishant tells Ansh on name to do one element.

Tara and Sanam searches Panna’s room for bowl and stick. Tara says I couldnt discover it here, did she cover it? Sanam says where might she disguise it? Tara says lets go for now. They go away however go away a few messy matters behind.

Ansh is making Adi devour. Piya offers him towel. Ansh seems away. Piya says i am sorry for hiding that from you however I did everything for Adi, I idea my knife wont kill Rahul but it did. Ansh says its ok, it became evil smoke. Piya says I wont cover anything from you anymore. Ansh says i have hid Rahul’s frame in refrigerator, dont inform everybody, you and Mohana is aware of it. Shardul’s circle of relatives comes there. Shardul’s mother Shalaka says they have got best baby, mother can kill or die for her toddler.
Panna sees things throw in her room and says that woman searched my room? how dare she? She hears Tara pronouncing to Sanam that maybe Panna isn’t doing all that, maybe Mayank is sick, Sanam says he’s in risk, you made him satisfactory, maybe you may shop Mayank through coming closer to him? Panna thinks that they’re making matters simpler for me, she leaves. Tara asks Sanam if she heard them? Sanam says yes, we can make her believe all this.

Shalaka comes to Ansh and asks in which is her son Rahul? Ansh is stunned and asks who’re you? Shalaka becomes smoke and says i’m queen of smoke world, wherein is Rahul? Vedsheree comes there so she acts properly and asks Ansh to convey her son, she leaves from there.

Panna thinks that quickly i will get eagle locket. She hides outdoor Mayank’s room. Mayank is available in room shirtless. Tara comes out of rest room in bathrobe. both shyly observe each different. Jab tak performs. suddenly power is going off. Tara gets scared and hugs him. Mayank says i will pass and take a look at.

Avi says to Shekhar that i will make lunch. they arrive in kitchen. Piya comes there. Shekhar asks her to not fear, Ansh may be first-rate with you quickly. Piya says Rahul’s frame continues to be in residence, Avi says guests cant find that. Shalaka and others come there. Vedsheree says Shekhar is making tea for guests. Shalaka says i will study too. She is ready to open refrigerator for milk however Mohana comes and prevents her.

Mayank lighting candle and says i’m sorry, I shouldnt have behaved like that with you, tears fall from his eyes. He wipes tears from her eyes. abruptly Sanam comes there crying. strength comes back. Sanam asks why are you crying? Sanam says my aunt is ill and he or she doesnt have every body. Mayank says we are able to go with you. Sanam says no you should stay with Tara. Mayank says no she needs us so we will cross. Sanam says it’ll take 7-8 days, Mayank nods and goes to change. Sanam asks Tara how became her appearing? Tara is tensed. Sanam says sorry if I got here here at incorrect time. Panna comes there. Mayank tells her that he goes with Sanam for 7-8 days. Panna is angry to pay attention that. Tara and Sanam smirks.

Precap Upcoming Nazar Episode Update: Ansh tells circle of relatives that Shalaka is from smoke world. Chitali says what does she want from us? Shalaka comes there and says who desires what?


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