Nazar 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 30 Apr episode begins with Chaitali requesting that the visitors remain alongside them. Ansh calls Nishant and states that we ought to dispose of Rahul’s body soon.

Sanam and Tara burst into Panna’s space to locate the enchanted pot and the stick. They neglect to discover anything. Erroneously, they leave their impressions on the floor.

Piya comes to apologize to Ansh. She expresses that she did this for Munna. Ansh bolsters Piya.

Panna gets furious on observing the impressions. She censures Tara for looking through her room. She goes to Tara’s room.

Tara discloses to Sanam that she feels that Mayank was correct and Panna is honest. She includes that she fears about Mayank’s evil wellbeing. Panna catches this.

Sanam reveals to Tara that she has an inclination that she should approach Mayank to enable him to recoup. Panna gets cheerful.

After Panna leaves, Tara and Sanam get charmed as they tricked Panna effectively. Sanam says that now we will urge Panna to acknowledge her wrongdoing.

Shalaka comes to Ansh and gets some information about Rahul. She discloses to him that she is the Queen of Kohra world. Ansh gets stunned.

Shalaka states that she is Rahul’s mom. Vedashri and Chaitali come there and take Shalaka with them.

Tara approaches Mayank. She embraces him. Mayank and Tara share a snapshot of affection. Abruptly, Sanam goes to their room crying.

Sanam reveals to Mayank that her auntie is unwell and she needs to leave for Allahabad with him. Sanam inquires as to whether her acting was great.

Mayank and Sanam leave for Allahabad. Panna gets furious.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Ansh informs Rathods regarding Shalaka.


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