Nazar 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 3 Apr episode begins with Rathod family getting strained for Ansh. Piya passes on her message to Ansh through Munna. She requests that he ask Ansh to bring Dayan vriksh.

Ansh sees the Dayan vriksh photograph in Munna’s grasp and comprehends the message. The Dayan vriksh turns out. Ansh and Munna return.

Tara approaches Mayank about the explanation behind her dad’s demise. While following Mayank, Tara understands that her leg is fixing to the bed thus she can’t move out.

Rathod family turns out for an excursion to put in some upbeat minutes together. Mayank goes to Nishant’s home in a hidden symbol.

Ansh, Piya, and other relatives appreciate sculling. The boatman illuminates them about mermaids.

Chaitali and Vedashri get frightened.

Mayank states that he realizes that Nishant is a Reevanshi. Saavi encourages him to hold up till Nishant returns.

All of a sudden, the vessel loses balance. Nonetheless, it returns to typical soon. Piya sees a young lady suffocating. The family spares her.

Nishant meets Mayank. Mayank says he needs to help him in helping them to discover the rakshas.

A lady watches out for the young lady protected by Rathod family. She pursues Rathods’ vehicle.

Mayank brings Naman, Saavi, and Nishant to the wilderness. He makes a blemish on the tree with his nails to misdirect Nishant.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Piya discovers that the young lady is a mermaid.


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