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Piya says Ansh is not able to listen us. Nishant says he cant pay attention us there. Nishant says its not clean to manipulate this hearth, he can end up vulnerable. Piya says we should do some thing. She says Adi.. he could hear me. She tells Adi to tell Papa to call witch tree. Adi shows witch tree mark on his hand to Ansh. Ansh sees it and nods. He calls witch tree there. All look on. Nishant says if reflect breaks absolutely then we can now not get them again. Ansh holds witch tree however reflect breaks. Vedsheree cries and says this is my mistake. Piya says I know they’re safe, dont worry. unexpectedly witch tree comes there and Ansh brings Adi out. Ansh says I knew you people could keep us. circle of relatives hugs them.

Tara tells Mayank that why he isn’t answering? She turns to peer her foot tied to mattress. Mayank says no one must understand about our deal, he closes door. Tara cries.
Ansh’s own family comes for picnic by way of river side. All are playing. Ansh says Adi is playing water.

Saanvi says it seems like we had creature locket however he took it. Door knocks. Mayank comes internal and asks about Nishant. Naman says he is not right here.

Vedsheree jokes with own family. An vintage guy comes there and says to guide which you recognise what occurs at night time right here. manual asks him to go away. guide takes family in boat. manual says people say mermaids come right here after solar is going down, its all a rumor, dont fear.

Mayank asks while he’s going to comeback? Saanvi says why? Mayank says I want to ask about his powers, he is a witch hunter, I realize you each are too. Saanvi says we can inform when he comesback. Mayank leaves. Naman smiles. Saanvi asks what? Naman says he called me witch hunter, I experience proud. Saanvi says we need to locate creature. Mayank hears it and smirks.

All circle of relatives members are playing sundown. Chitali starts singing however Avi asks her to now not destroy their peace. unexpectedly boat starts shaking, all are scared. Ansh says there is some thing in water. Piya holds Adi. Boat balances again. Chtali says thank God. Avi sees a person drowning in water and pulls that female in boat. Chitali says she is dead. Vedsheree says she is breathing.

Scene 2
Mayank is analyzing e-book in Nishant’s room. Nishant comes there. Mayank says I recognize you are witch hunter, I want to help you, I understand you are attempting to find a creature. Nishant says how do you realize? Mayank says I heard Saanvi and Naman, I assist you to locate creature. Please take me.

family sits in automobile. old man is scared for them. Avi sends woman’s image to his pressure. In some other vehicle, a female is with her son, she says we were attempting to find her and they took her.

Mayank brings Nishant, Naman and Saanvi in a jungle. Naman says do you even recognize some thing? Nishant says he is losing our time. They turn to go away. Mayank creates creature mark on tree and call them lower back. Nishant says its creature’s mark. Saanvi says he’s close to us. Mayank smirks and says shall we cross.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Abi tells family that nobody filed missing grievance for her. They wipe her hands to see scales on her body. Piya says its mermaid.


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