Nazar 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Piya asks Adi to come out. Vedsheree asks chalayan to not do whatever. Nishant receives call from Naman, he says what are we able to do? Chalayan cant do anything otherside? Piya makes use of her powers and throws hearth at chalayan. Piya asks Adi to climb on wall, she will burn. hearth starts going close to Adi. Chalayan goes closer to him. Nishant says we have to do some thing. Ansh asks Adi to climb up. Adi crawls and climbs on wall. Nishant says her idea is running. Chitali sees fire growing.Mayank’s mother invites everyone to fulfill Tara. She asks her to daughter to bring shagun, i am her mother too. Mayank comes in function.

Tara says till when we have to preserve this act? while will you inform me cause of my father’s death? Priest comes there and asks them to take a seat for pooja. Tara’s ft burns becauseof coal. Sister says she cant do pooja. Mayank says she will be able to do it. He lifts Tara in his arms and gives her pooja plate. They begin doing pooja together.Nishant says we cant placed this hearth out. Piya says i can move inside, Adi’s existence is maximum important. Ansh says i can move there not you. Piya says no. Ansh says you may find a way to bring us out. He jumps in mirror and climbs on wall. He grabs Adi. female says to Mayank that you need to get creature nail from that girl. Mayank says its in her hand so how can i am getting her? She says i can show you.Evil woman comes to Tara in veil. Tara is scared and says who’re you? female cuts her hand and leaves. Mayank comes there. Tara says that woman attacked me, she became with you in advance, what does she want? Mayank looks on.

Nishant says we dont understand a manner to convey them lower back. Avi says we should forestall hearth. Chitali says we will wreck it. Nishant says its no longer useful. Piya says do some thing. a person breaks 1/2 replicate. They flip to peer Vedsheree have carried out it. She says I did it to convey them out. Piya says what did you do? They see reflect breaking extra. Piya sees Ansh and Adi in nook of replicate. Nishant says we cant deliver them if replicate breaks completely.Mayank says to female that why did you attack her? She is scared. lady says I need that eagle locket, do anything.Piya asks Nishant to inform them solution. Vedsheree says we are able to use witch tree. Piya says simplest Ansh name it. they all scream for him to name witch tree there.Mayank looks around for Tara and sees her massaging her mom’s head. She says I had migraine but she took care of it. Mayank says you have to have told me. He glances at Tara.

Precap: Mayank ties Tara’s feet to mattress. She says what are you doing? He says so you cant run. Dont try to inform whatever to each person, he locks her in room. Tara falls down and cries.


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