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Nazar 4 Oct episode begins with Rathods talking about Pratima’s forces and approaches to beat her. Ansh enquires from Piya about the stone and how it very well may be useful.

Pratima, Mohana, and Pari cross a market and everybody in their way stops. In the interim, Piya gets stressed for Pari while Ansh says she will be fine.

Piya remembers something from her adolescence and a container in which her mom used to keep the stone. She utilizes the stone to open the crate and a ton of light leaves it.

She finds a powder and a conundrum inside the container. Simultaneously, Pratima gathers her military and controls numerous individuals who pursue her.

Nishant and Saavi come back to discover Sanam tied up and Naman missing. They gain from her that there is a Mantra in Daayan Rahasya that transforms an individual into an aficionado of Pratimayan.

Avinash sees film of Pratima controlling the entire of the city. Panditji says to Nishant that they likewise need to make a military to battle against Pratima.

Ansh thinks about what Pratimayan needs while Vedashree says she knows her thought processes. In the interim, Pratima is perched on a tossed with Mohana and Prai close by and many individuals as her military.

Pratima condemns Mohana and exasperates. She further difficulties Mohana to demonstrate her forces and make ruin.

Nishant says they need to eat the Mantra to spare themselves from its impact.

Stay Tuned With Us To Know What Will Happen Next In The Nazar

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: The Rathods prepared their weapons to battle against Pratimyan.

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