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Vedsheree says to own family that we wont eat her kheer. Mohana comes there with kheer. All look on. Mohana says you all are right here. She asks them to consume kheer. Piya is indignant however Vedshree stops her. Mohana says you all eat. Vedsheree says Piya is worn-out, Chitali begins taking her. Mohana glares at her. Vedsheree leaves with Piya. Chitali says I need drug treatments, she leaves with Avi. Neha and Kajal takes kheer and leaves. Shekhar says they didnt eat it, i will deliver them lower back. Mohana says dont worry, i’m able to manage them, he leaves. Mohana says its amusing to look them involved like this.

Vedsheree says to Piya that Mohana must have blended something in kheer.

Mohana says recreation will begin now. She throws her hair on ground and it turns into small snakes. She ask snakes to go and display them my powers.

Avi says to Chitali that she can do something. They see a big snake there. Chitali is scared.
Piya and Vedsheree see two big snakes in room. Piya grabs her knives and stands infront of Vedshree. She says i will handle them. She cuts them in 1/2.

Naman, Saanvi and priest comes outdoor Ansh’s residence. Naman says I cant climb up. Saanvi says you need to emerge as witch hunter so that you need to work. She throws arrow on building and ties Naman’s body with rope. She gives him sticks and asks him to climb up the usage of rope. Naman starts going up. He loses stability and says i can fall down.

Vedsheree sees Naman mountaineering up house.

He meets Shekhar on balcony and says priest ship this bhasam for Ansh, please give it to family and Piya, i’m able to come later as Mohana is inner. He goes go into reverse once more. Shekhar smirks. Vedshree comes there and says what is this? Shekhar says this is for Piya, i will provide it to her, Vedshree says no. Shekhar says i am now not managed by using Mohana, i am doing drama, i was out of her manage whilst Piya stored me, I did drama to recognise why Mohana is right here. Vedsheree says sorry, you needed to endure so much. Shekhar says lets go to Piya.

Piya says i am hoping the whole lot is satisfactory. She comes out of room and sees half of of own family tied by way of snakes. She is bowled over. Vedsheree and Shekhar comes there. Shekhar offers her bhasam. Mohana comes there and says wow, i used to be a idiot to believe you all, however a person is with me. Shekhar says i used to be fooling you, i used to be never with you. Mohana says i’m not speakme approximately you, i am speakme approximately Vedsheree. Vedsheree says she is talking about me. She runs to Mohana with Bhasam and says i am together with her. Flashback indicates how Mohans used her powers to govern Vedsheree. Shekhar asks her to provide bhasam. Vedsheree throws it in air. Shekhar says it was for Piya. Mohana grabs Shekhar as properly.

Ansh reaches domestic in truck he stole.
In residence, Piya is tensed. Mohana says to Piya that i am right here in your toddler, I did the whole thing to increase my age, your heir cant kill me, i’m right here to kill him earlier than he can kill me.

Nazar 5th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Mohana says I should kill your baby before it is able to come in this global. Mohaana and Vedsheree bring swords and stabds Piya. Ansh comes there and screams Piya.

Nazar 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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