Nazar 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update
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Nazar 5 Mar episode starts with Rathods’ trying to stop Mohanna. Mohanna uses her powers and throws them away. She starts eating Munna.

Rathods’ get shocked to see that Munna drained away Mohanna’s powers. Mohanna falls down. Piya attacks Mohanna with her trishul but the trishul stops in midway.

Ansh’s attempt to attack Mohanna with trishul also fails. Vedashri says only Munna can kill Mohanna.

When Munna throws the trishul on Mohanna, her body starts burning. Mohanna’s body turns into ash.

Nishant tells Saavi and Naman that Asuransh cannot reach the mystery girl as he has hidden her in the temple’s basement.

They decide to find a book which can inform them about the method to hide the Asuransh’s sign.

Vedashri consoles Ansh who is upset on Mohanna’s death. Vedashri and Ansh drain Mohanna’s ash into the water.

A girl comes and picks up Mohanna’s choti and walks away.

While returning back home, Ansh and his family find Ruby lying unconscious on the road.

Ansh refuses to help her.
Vedashri and Piya decide to help Ruby. Piya senses some kind of threat around them. Ruby wakes up and asks about their wellbeing.

Ruby fails to remember what all she did to Piya. Ansh fails to believe Ruby. Piya says Munna will tell them if Ruby is innocent or not.

Piya says if Ruby will hold Munna and if he will not turn into stone then it will prove that Ruby is innocent.

Meanwhile, a green-eyed person keeps an eye on Rathod family from far.

Piya asks Ruby to touch Munna. When Ruby touches Munna, he doesn’t turn into a stone. Ansh walks away with Munna.

Piya asks Ruby to come along with her to Rathod house.

Naman learns about a Chhalayan daayan who dwells on the human body like a parasite. Meanwhile, a Chhalayan Daayan sits on Shekhar’s neck.

The written update of 5 March 2019 Nazar episode full story ends.

Upcoming Nazar episode update: Ruby senses the presence of some evil soul inside Rathod house.


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