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Nazar 6 Dec episode begins with Ansh and Piya going into Mohana’s home to discover reality. They can’t discover Mohana or Pari in the house.

Piya derives that Mohana more likely than not kept Pari’s spirit in Pran Pyala. Mohana shows up and takes the Pran Pyala while Piya and Ansh choose to battle her.

Nishant says they have time till full moon as Pari’s body can’t be spared after that. In the interim, Mohana is as yet furious at Ansh for executing Angad while Piya and Ansh need Pari’s Pran Pyala.

Piya and Ansh battle with Mohana and take the Pran Pyala of Pari. Afterward, Nishant says the Neel Heem is getting red and they don’t have a lot of time.

Ansh and Piya bring the Pran Pyala yet Piya asks Ansh not to place it in Pari. In the mean time, Mohana uncovers the Pran Pyala is phony and is again assaulted by the Sarp family.

Piya says Mohana couldn’t have given the Pran Pyala that effectively. No one trusts Piya while Saavi puts the elements of Pran Pyaala in Pari’s container.

The Neel Heem turns red quicker and Piya’s uncertainty turns out and out. Mohana shows up and Piya demands her to give the Pran Pyala. The Sarp Vansh reasons that Pran Pyala is significant for Mohana.

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Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Mohana won’t give Pari’s life back while Ansh stands up to her.

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