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Mohana says to Piya that i’m right here to cease your heir, we need to give up it before its born. Vedsheree and her take swords. All circle of relatives members are tied by means of snakes. Mohana and Vedsheree glare at Piya. Piya thinks where is Ansh?

Ansh is hiking on constructing, he enters residence via balcony and runs to living room. He sees Mohana and Vedsheree about to stab Piya but an invisible wall throws them faraway from Piya. Snakes disappear as well. Ansh hugs Piya and ask if she is satisfactory? Vedsheree involves her senses. Shekhar says you’re best? She asks what befell? Shekhar says Mohana made you assault Piya. Piya says it turned into no longer you. Mohana tries to assault Piya once more however priest, Saanvi and Naman factors arrows at her. She throws them and try to visit them but receives stopped by way of an invisible wall again. Piya touches her devik mark. Ansh says we’ve got power of family and you cant prevent us. Piya says that is your last attempt, your recreation is ending. She says now not so quickly. She takes sarpika avatar and vanishes from there. All appearance on. Vedsheree asks Piya if she is great? She nods.

Shekhar says sorry to Vedsheree. Vedsheree says it changed into Mohana’s deed, now not yours. Chitali says she couldnt even contact Piya. Vedsheree says Piya is a devik and now mother too, she will strive anything but she cant stop this toddler from coming in this world. Ansh says we ought to do something so Mohana cant come close to us.

Vedsheree sprinkles liquid round house so Mohana cant are available in residence. Mohana hides and thinks that they are able to attempt something however i’m able to reach Piya. She jumps to roof of residence and climbs to their balcony by turning into a snake.
Vedsheree sees trishul signal turning black. She calls Ansh and says Mohana is in house as its black.

Mohana enters Piya’s room and hides.
Ansh says to Vedsheree how can she come inside? all of them fear about Piya.
Mohana is the use of powers to tug Piya toward her. All own family members come there. Vedsheree takes bhasam and throws at Mohana. Mohana leaves.

Ganga’s mother says to servant that easy residence nicely. Servant is Mohana in veil.

Vedsheree says to family that we are able to depart this house so Mohana cant follow us, I cant positioned Piya’s existence in risk. Piya says she will be able to observe us, Chitali says her evil shadow is in this house. Mohana hears all this and says i will lead them to feel ache. Vedsheree says to Piya that promise me you will do as I say. All appearance on. All promise her and cry.

Nazar 6th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Circle of relatives starts offevolved leaving their house. Mohana says they could pass everywhere but i will comply with them and kill that baby.

Nazar 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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