Nazar 7th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Chalayan multiplies in number

Nazar 7th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 7 Mar episode starts with Vedashri telling circle of relatives individuals about Shekhar’s unusual conduct. She fears that Shekhar is under the influence of a few evil souls.

Ruby keeps a luxurious platter to attract the Chalayan Daayan. She says with the aid of doing this she will learn about the person who is below Chalayan’s have an impact on.

Asuransh follows the thriller woman through the special sign up her frame.

Shekhar comes to the dining desk and starts consuming meals. earlier than he may want to eat something, Ruby throws red cold powder on him.

Ansh stops Ruby from hurting Shekhar. Ruby says she is doing all this defend Shekhar. Vedashri accuses Ruby to trouble Shekhar.

no person believes Ruby. Ansh asks Ruby to go away the Rathod house. Ruby says she can stroll away as they don’t believe her.

Asuransh gets fooled as he reveals Saavi in the area of the mystery woman.

Nishant and Panditji come to satisfy Saavi. They get shocked to study that Asuransh has taken away Saavi with him.

when Avinash tries to prevent Shekhar from eating, the Chalayan daayan multiplies in range and sends her reproduction onto Avinash’s body.

Asuransh calls Nishant and blackmails him. He says he’s going to go back Saavi only while he’ll surrender the thriller woman to him.

Ruby comes to satisfy Nishant. Nishant rebukes Ruby and refuses to concentrate on her. Ruby walks away.

Piya tries to justify Ruby’s act. She tells Ansh that purple cold powder is used to tug away a special sort of Daayan.

Naman involves Ruby. He says a majority of these are the attributes of a Chalayan Daayan. He says he will help her.

Ruby gets tensed whilst she learns that the Chalayan has already accelerated in the Rathod residence. Piya calls Ruby.

Ruby tells Piya about Chalayan Daayan. Naman asks Piya no longer to allow Avinash and Shekhar to eat something. Avinash eats a few foods.

Meanwhile, one of the Chalayan sits on Vedashri. Ruby tells Piya that one greater Chalayan has come to life.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Munna becomes stone whilst Vedashri tries to touch him.


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