Nazar 8th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

After 6 years, Vedsheree is arranging a pooja. Ansh brings pooja plate. Vedsheree tells Ansh that you have to start a new existence, you cant live by myself, start with God’s blessing. Ansh lighting diya, diya is about to fall down but Adi comes and holds diya on his hand. Ansh rushes to him, he says i am excellent.

Piya is preparing for pooja with Guru Maa. Diya is set to fall however Pari comes and holds it. Piya asks if she is first-rate? She nods.

Priest is jogging far from evil creature but it flies like Ansh and follows him.

Ansh does pooja with Adi. even as Piya does pooja with Pari.

Evil creature burns priest in jungle. Avi rushes to see it and says simplest an evil electricity can do it.

Avi comes home and tells own family about bodies found burned alive. Vedsheree says we had

peace for six years however this seems like a few evil power. Chitali says Mohana like evil energy can comeback in existence? Shekhar says dont worry, there’s no evidence, it might be a few guy. Avi says it didnt appear in 6 years so why an evil strength will are available in our lives? Adi comes there. Ansh asks him to go and sleep. he is taking him away.
Pari prays to lord and tells that you realize its my parents unique day so bless them.

Adi tells Ansh that I noticed a large creature and it turned into flying too. Ansh recalls having wings and says its only a story. He tucks him in mattress. Adi says but fairies need to be actual? Ansh recollects his moments and existence with Piya. He says no, fairies are not proper, this bangle will protect you from each damage. He asks him to sleep. Vedsheree and Shekhar sees Adi dozing. Vedsheree sees priest’s miscalls and says turned into he attempting to inform us something earlier than dying?

Guru Maa tells Piya that you’re going lower back to Mumbai with Pari and she has powers now. Piya says dont communicate about powers, its what separated me from my family. Pari and Piya leaves.

Vedsheree is awaiting a girl to return for Ansh. woman comes along with her own family. She smirks.

Pari and Piya are available building and is going in raise. They cross in house and meet Nishant and Saanvi. Pari performs with them.

Ansh comes in living room. New girl smiles at him. She gives him roses. He thank you her. they all go to sit. female glare at them and recollects Mohana developing an evil creature.

PRECAP- Vedsheree says to Chitali that we must be cautious, what if evil powers are near us and we dont even recognise?


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