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Nazar 8 Aug episode begins with Rathods are planning for Aarti following 6 years. Ansh brings the aarti plate and Vedashree needs Ansh to get hitched for Adi.

In the interim, Guru Maa gives Piya a string to tie on Pari’s hand for security. Piya begins the Aarti while Adi spares his dad from flame.

Pari spares Piya similarly. In the interim, the pandit is as yet attempting to escape Bhasmika. Avinash attempts to spare him yet bombs as Bhasmika breaths out the flame and transforms the Pandit into fiery remains.

Vedashree and Chaitali dread of some abhorrent power coming to hurt them. Ansh and every other person attempts to shield Adi from reality.

Adi begins addressing about evil presences yet Ansh says they are simply in stories. Afterward, he gets some information about Angels and Ansh recollects the blessed messenger of his life, Piya.

Master Maa discloses to Piya that it would not be simple for her to move back to Mumbai once more. Piya arrives at Nishant’s home alongside Pari.

Vedashree respects her future little girl in-law, Bhasmika. Bhasmika was the malevolent power made by Mohana to assault Rathod’s once more.

Vedashree is pleased for the commitment of her child and is uninformed of the potential danger to her family.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Vedashree fears of fiendishness spirits in the house while Bhasmika inhales out air to illuminate the oil lights.

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