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Piya seems fireflies in a glass field. Ansh says these helped me to locate you. Piya smiles and says I recall. Piya says we’re staying at Ruby’s region? Ruby comes there and asks if they’re secure? Piya thank you her. Ansh thanks her for giving place. Ruby says you will both be safe here, you both made me realise electricity of affection, i will carry something to eat. She leaves.

Vedsheree and circle of relatives prays for Piya.

Piya lighting fixtures diya in her room with Ansh. Diya lighting in Vedsheree’s mandir best. Flashback shows how Piya instructed her that she wont inform her where they are going, she offers her diya and says we are able to mild it every day at our area and it’ll mild here as nicely so you will recognize we are nice. Flashback ends. raise opens and Mohana is available in house. Vedsheree glares at her.

Saanvi and Naman comes on road and sees an area with flag on it. Naman says that place is safe for Piya and Ansh. Saanvi sees person in black and leaves from there.
Vedsheree says to Mohana that you may never know where Ansh and Piya are. Mohana says Ansh and i’ve blood relation so as quickly as his blood drops on floor, i’m able to know in which he’s so have a few goodies. She forcefully makes her eat it.

Ansh is reducing apple for Piya when his hand gets reduce mistakenly. His blood drops on floor. Piya comes there and says its bleeding loads. Ansh stops her and shows how he cleaned his wound. He asks her to take care of herself.

Mohana hears Ansh’s blood drip and says he called me. She leaves from there. Vedsheree says Mohana is aware of approximately them now.

Saanvi says to Naman that i used to be no longer feeling proper about that house, you are an idiot. Naman says you dont recognize me, i’m your accomplice. Saanvi asks him to move.

Vedsheree says we cant inform them that Mohana is coming behind them. Shekhar says we cant even touch them. Avi says I should have gone in the back of Mohana. Chitali says what to do now? Vedsheree remembers how Piya advised her to apply diya if there’s some hazard and she needs to inform them.

Piya shows house map to Ansh and says I used to stay there, we can cross there, Mohana wont be able to come there. It after a river and mandir, that is near river.

Vedsheree places black oil in diya so it is able to signal Piya about chance.

Piya sees diya turning black at her stop and says we are in risk.

Mohana jumps in their house but finds Ruby there. Mohana asks her to move, you cant store them, don’t forget what I did with you? Ruby says you have to face me before going to Ansh and Piya. They each start combating.

Piya and Ansh comes on rood. Ansh says Mohana wont attain our baby. Piya holds Ansh, they start flying in air. Mohana comes on roof after fighting Ruby and sees Piya and Ansh flying in air. She jumps infront of them. She says your dying is right here. Piya says pass away before I kill you. Ansh says i will overlook who you are in case you attempt to harm my wife or inheritor. Mohana says i’m your mom so i will kill you three. Piya says i’m a wife and also you dont recognize approximately my powers. Mohana says its time to visit your God. She is ready to attack but Ruby comes there and grabs Mohana. Ruby asks Ansh and Piya to run, I cant forestall greater, move. Piya grabs Ansh, they bounce from there. Mohana receives loose from Ruby.

Saanvi involves witch room. Naman says why you brought me here? Saanvi says wait. Naman says I dont recognise what is going on. unexpectedly Saanvi is missing.

Piya is attempting to name Saanvi however she doesnt pick up. someone is dragging faint Saanvi from house.

Nazar 8th February 2019 Written Update Precap: Ansh smells Mohana coming to them so he asks Piya to run. Mohana comes in jungle and finds Ansh there.

Nazar 8th February 2019 Written Episode Update

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