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Nazar 8 Jul episode begins with Ansh taking Piya to the Witch Island and Mohana tailing them. Mohana discloses to her he can utilize the vitality cup to make Piya alive for some time to know the whereabouts of his child.

He has a go at going after the filled cup however is halted by Mohana. She educates him to put Piya’s vitality in the cup and make her alive for quite a while.

He does as told however is ceased in the process by Mohana. She takes the vitality cup from him, and he gets an inclination he is losing his wings.

She says it’s the consequence of his malevolent deeds as he has executed a Devik. She says he doesn’t know the intensity of those wings, however on the off chance that she gets them, she will end up being the most dominant witch.

He says he won’t lose his wings as Piya instructed him to slaughter her for sparing Vedashree. He moves the vitality into Piya, and she wakes up.

He can’t move entire vitality as Mohana stops him. He battles back and is at last ready to spare Piya.

She throws Mohana off the island and Ansh affirms he realizes where Vedashree’s vitality cup is.

In the interim, Shekhar is sure about utilizing the blue container as Vedashree’s life is in threat.

Ansh and Piya find that Mohana has taken the vitality cup of Vedashree. Piya offers to utilize her vitality for securing his mom.

The container makes Vedashree blue, and everyone thinks the case was ideal with the exception of Nishant. He says the pill was to remove the life out of an individual.

Saavi is helping Naman and family in discovering Panna, who is the real criminal. She discusses Panna being after an uncommon stone and Sanam affirms it’s in her fortune.

In the meantime, Ansh and Piya get back home with vitality cup to spare Vedashree. Piya move her vitality into her and she opens her eyes.

Afterward, Sanam goes into the collapse the type of a subterranean insect however can’t locate the uncommon stone. Naman is sure Panna has taken the valuable stone.

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