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Nazar 8 Oct episode begins with Ansh tossing the powder noticeable all around to make their eyes sparkle. The lovers of Pratima return while Rathods gets spared from the individuals.

Vedashree says Pratimayan has shown up while they feel tremors of a seismic tremor. They likewise observe that the Ram Setu Ban has not come to fruition yet.

They choose to go battle Pratima instead of pausing. Pratima has taken an immense structure who announces Ravan will win this Dussehra.

Pratima needs Vedashree to join her while Vedashree won’t leave her family. Pratima says she wouldn’t like to battle and simply needs Vedashree to go along.

Vedashree will not agree with her stance while Pratima orders Pari to battle against the Rathod family. In the interim, Naman attempts to assault Guru Maa and Sanam.

Pari is assaulted by Mohana who needs to substantiate herself before her mom. Naman additionally gets restored by Guru Maa’s slap.

Mohana holds Vedashree with her interlace and inhales out fire. Adi attempts to control Mohana in his words while Piya spares Vedashree from her snares.

Pratima is unsurpassable and says Ram Setu Baan will likewise work when they will do appropriate ceremonies and for that they need fixings.

Sanam says the fixings are absent from the sanctuary. Piya attempts to speak with Adi and request that he bring Shankh from their home.

Stay Tuned With Us To Know What Will Happen Next In The Nazar

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Pratima traps everybody aside from Vedashree and torments them utilizing her forces.

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