Nazar 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Scene 1
Vedsheree talks to girl and says I am happy to see you here. Avi gets a call again about a case. Girl tries to talk to Adi but he leaves. Ansh says I am sorry.

Vedshree and Chitali comes to kitchen. She asks Chitali to bring ganga jal. I dont want evil powers near us again.

Evil girl blows fire on diyas. Vedsheree comes there and says Urvashi come with us.

Piya sees Pari playing with Saanvi. Piya tells Nishant that I had to come here for her studies. Nishant says maybe Ansh can meet you.. Piya says dont talk about him, I didnt tell truth to Pari, I will tell her when she is ready. She leaves. Saanvi says Ansh doesnt know about Pari. Nishant says we can just be there for her.

Pari shows her jumping tricks to Piya. Piya sees her and Ansh’s photo on wall andis tensed.

Ansh looks at Piya’s ring. Adi comes and says I dont like Urvashi, dont marry her. Ansh says you will like her soon. Adi says I want my mom back. Ansh hugs him and says your mother is not with us and will never comeback. Adi says I hate Urvashi. Urvashi comes there and says why? Adi leaves. She says its okay Ansh. She takes ring from him and says finally we are getting engaged, you are happy right? Ansh says yes but Adi.. Urvashi says I will love him so much that he will forget his mom.

Scene 2
Urvashi sees Vedsheree pouring ganga jal in house. She smirks and steps on it, nothing happens to her. She thinks that they dont know I have powers of devik and davansh both.

Pari tells Piya that you dont play with me. Piya says we will go out soon. Pari starts reading book and her braid grows suddenly. She doesnt see it. She finds her and Ansh’s picture, Adi is there too. She asks Piya. Piya gets emotional.

Engagement ceremony start, Ansh asks Adi to stay with him. He nods. Urvashi comes downstairs. Ansh recalls Piya with him. Vedsheree gives ring box to Ansh but ring is missing. They see Adi holding it. Ansh asks him to give it. He says sorry. Urvashi says let me try. She asks for ring, Adi says no. She tries to snatch from him. Suddenly her wings grow and she flies in air. All are shocked to see braid and wings together. Chitali says she is a witch and bird both? Vedsheree says this cant happen.

Piya asks Pari to not mess with things.

PRECAP- Ansh tells Urvashi that I have given up my powers and wont accept it. She says but you have witch blood, she sings in his ear and make him numb.


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