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Nazar 9 Oct episode begins with Piya conversing with Adi and soliciting him to bring the Shankh from Lord Vishnu. Adi keeps running towards the house while Pari is send by Pratima to stop him.

Pratima traps Rathods in her interlace and asks Vedashree to do as she needs. Then, Adi attempts to take the Shankh while Pari attempts to stop him.

Pratima starts eating their spirits while Adi tosses the Shankh out of the gallery. Vedashree is going to get it however Pari is quicker.

Mohana requests the Shankh to decimate it while Piya goes to god to get Pari out of Mohana’s control. Something in Pari changes and she plays the Shankh.

Pratima and Mohana are not ready to tolerate the sound of the Shankh while the Ram Setu Baan is additionally framed before goddess.

Piya places the bolt in Pratima with the assistance of Ansh. Pratima says Vedashree has committed an error as she is uninformed of what’s inside her.

Pratima’s body gets devastated while a plait rises up out of the cinders. Mohana wishes to get the mesh and become Prathmayan.

The Rathods will not give the plait to Mohana and hold hands to spare it. They acquire the plait the Pataal Ketki cavern as they can’t annihilate it.

Stay Tuned With Us To Know What Will Happen Next In The Nazar

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Piya can’t join the Devik blade and chooses to do its Visarjan.

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