Nazar 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 13th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 13 Mar episode starts with Piya applying the natural paste on Ansh. Ansh fails to reply.

Piya says Munna can help us. Munna makes use of his powers and lets in the paste to penetrate into Ansh’s body.

Ansh comes returned to existence. all the own family contributors get thrilled to see Ansh best.

Asuransh makes use of his powers to melt the ice statue of the thriller female. The female faints in his arms. He makes use of his powers to learn that the rakshas keel is along with her.

Rathods’ are celebrating Munna’s Naamkaran ceremony at the terrace. Ansh and Piya bring Munna upstairs.

earlier than they may enter the terrace, Munna turns into stone. Rathod own family gets tensed as they sense the presence of some evil soul round.

Shekhar says it seems that Munna is reluctant to come back to the terrace. The own family plans to do the rite in their house.

Nishant, Saavi, and Naman come to Asuransh’s house. Asuransh receives concerned because the thriller lady fails to reply. He learns that the girl is dead.

Vedashri comes into touch with an invisible screen whilst she comes to the temple.

Later she fails to pick out up the puja thaal.

Some time returned: Ruby connected Mohanna’s choti to Vedashri which made her turn out to be Daayan.

All of sudden, the puja thali begins burning. The plate receives packed with ash.

Asuransh freezes his residence and takes the thriller girl to a mystery location. Vandana sees the frozen window and fails to understand something.

Rathods’ decide to find out the evil soul whose spell is haunting them. Panditji says he has an approach to find the individual.

Nishant and Asuransh come head to head however Nishant doesn’t apprehend him. additionally, he fails to peer the thriller girl wrapped in the carpet.

Panditji brings a magical liquid and says that this can help us come near the source of the evil soul. Panditji spills the paste on the ground.

A fireball pops up and begins shifting. Panditji and Rathods’ observe the ball.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Vedashri and others’ study that she has turned out to be Ekayan.


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