Nazar 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nazar 14 Mar episode starts with Vedashri. She mistakenly drops a turmeric jar at the ground. Rathod own family follows the fireball.

Vedashri receives greatly surprised to look the inverted footprints at the turmeric powder.

Vedashri gets scared to peer the footprints. She recollects how Ruby planted the choti on her head. She learns that she has was an Ekayan.

Vedashri makes a decision to inform the circle of relatives about this, however, her Daayan self stopped her.

She hid from the circle of relatives whilst the fireball comes out to the balcony. The fireball disappears. The family fails to look Vedashri. Panditji states that evil strength has escaped.

Asuransh drops the thriller woman’s body inside the river.

Nishant, Saavi, and Naman come to Vandana’s house. Vandana questions them for his or her visit. Nishant asks Vandana to have a word with him.

Ansh and Piya decide to preserve Munna’s call as Aditya.

Vedashri feels reluctant to do the puja. She says Piya will do the rituals.

Vedashri by hook or by crook manages to hold herself far from Munna.

Nishant, Saavi, Naman, and Vandana come to Asuransh’s room. Vandana scoffs Nishant. Saavi catches the ice piece from the room. They walk away.

while Vedashri attempts to kiss Munna, he becomes stone. however, no person sees this due to the balloon and confetti shower. Vedashri does the ritual effectively.

Asuransh is tensed about if he’ll ever get the locket. Vandana questions Mayank for skipping Tamra’s unique day. He covers up the situation with a lie.

Shekhar and Avinash’s sister Jaya involves the house.

Precap Upcoming Nazar episode update: Vedashri spells the jewellery owner.


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