Nepotism Debate: Karan Patel lashes out on Kangana Runot! 'Then why does the sister see the whole business, why not give jobs to new people'?

Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has had a debate on nepotism from Suicide’s social media to the film corridors. Several stars, including actress Kangana Ranot, have spoken against nepotism and the actress has spoken out against nepotism in the past. Now TV actor Karan Patel has reacted to the comments on behalf of Kangana Ranot without naming him and has retaliated on Kangana. The actor says that after the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput, people who do not belong to him are also trying to take advantage.

In an interview to the Times of India, Karan Patel said that he does not see any reason to argue nepotism in this matter. Without naming Kangana, she said, ‘For example, an actress is talking about nepotism these days. If I am not mistaken, he started his production house some time ago, so if he is such a big star then why not take Sushant in his film. She cast Sonu Sood first and then someone else, so she forgot about Sonu Sood. I have never seen him working with any new director or actor. ‘

He also said about Kangana’s manager and her manager, ‘You have your own production house and you have family members, your sister is looking after your business, so why didn’t you hire new people, an outsider And announce the job interview. Why didn’t you give a job to someone who had an MBA degree to take care of your production house. ‘ Earlier, Kangana shared her video on nepotism by sharing the video


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