Netflix will narrate the story of Michelle Obama, bringing a new documentary

Becoming: The whole world has come to a standstill due to Coronavirus. But Netflix continues to do its work. One after another is bringing new films, web series and documentaries. Meanwhile, Netflix has announced something that is quite interesting. Actually, Netflix is ​​bringing a documentary on Michelle Obama, the wife of former US President Barack Obam.

Netflix announced this on Monday. This documented ‘Becoming’ series based on Michelle Obam will be released on 6 May. Tweeting about this, Netflix wrote, ‘Nadia Helgren’s new documentary series, based on Michelle Obama, will be released globally on May 6.’

Michelle has also reacted to her series. Sharing the teaser on his official Twitter account, he wrote, ‘I am very excited to be told that Becoming is going to be released on Netflix on 6 May. This documentary is directed by Nadia Helgren, who is about the fabulous people I met. At this difficult time, I hope you get some inspiration and happiness from the film. ‘

Michelle has tweeted another about this film. He wrote, ‘It seems a little difficult to feel optimistic these days. But the relationship I made in America and the world, it is very important for people to understand life and its power is shown in Nadia’s film.

Michelle Obama has also written a book called Becoming before. In it, he has written about his time spent in the White House and his health capacity. Mitchell did a round of 34 cities for this book. The film showcases Mitchell’s experience during this period.


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