New cast of beautiful woman in McGuy bar
Deadline reported that an actress Levi Tran , known for such as “Haunting of Hill House”, entered the cast instead of George Ease, who played the role of Jack Dalton, who had dropped the TV drama “MACGYVER / McGuver” .

Levi plays for McGover ( Lucas Till ) in the mission and Dejire Nuen who entered the Phoenix Foundation to protect his team. Jack Dalton and Dejire seem to be set up to work together.

It is a form of guest appearance this season, but the fourth season is decided, and if her character ‘s reputation is good, it can be promoted regularly. Also known as “CSI: Scientific Investigation Group” George offered to take off time as long as he wanted time to spend with his children, and finished the episode of the US broadcast on February 1 at the end. (Risa Sawada)


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