Nigerian (Nigeria) people are procuring a pizza from London and importing it from 3000 kms through British Airways.

The people of Nigeria are fetching pizza from London 6500 kilometers away, this is the reason
Audu Ogbeh Agriculture Minister. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The claim is made by the Agriculture Producer of Nigeria. According to Audu Ogbeh, international takeaway has become a problem for the country and they want to finish it as soon as possible. In the Senate hearing, he said that people of Nigeria order from Pizza London and receive it from morning airport via British Airways. The Agriculture Minister said that due to this the economy of the country is getting a lot of harm. It should be stopped as soon as possible.

Although the minister has not disclosed which Nigerian people are ordering pizzas from London and importing their country. Mix reactions have come to their comments on social media. A person tweeted, “Dear British Airways, did not you tell us that you run a pizza delivery service for Nigeria? Is there any app for this? The other person said that what is the crime in it? British Airways fills fresh vegetables from Anambra in return, and if people like London’s pizza then what’s wrong in it?

Ogbeh claimed that this habit is harming the country’s economy. The farmers of the country are not getting the money because of importing goods from outside.


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