Nimki Mukhiya 11th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shankar says your dad was treated by cash Babbu gave. Nimki says yes. He says perceive how thinking about a powerless man. Nimki says my dad wasn’t powerless. Shankar says you went to haveli with your town individuals after he assaulted you? Why? Abhi says Dablo took her there. Judge says don’t talk in the middle. Shankar says tettar didn’t show you out. Dablo praised holi with you. Your in laws constantly regarded you. For what reason would a young lady go to her attacker’s home. Nimki says tettar had a go at harming my beverage.

Judge says for what reason would you go there? Nimki says Dablo. Shankar says they are commendable individuals. Nimki says so am I. I am Nimki mukhya. Who is babbu? Shankar says somebody is inciting Nimki. Nimki called her significant other there. Nimki says he is lying.

Sinha says we have an onlooker who saw Babu running from Nimki’s home. Judge says this is my noon. He leaves.

Annaro asks Sweeti what are you making? She says juice for Rekha. She isn’t well. Rekha says she is simply upbeat. She was concerned for Babbu. She said in what capacity will Babu eat in prison. Sweeti says you look more hurt than Nimki. Annaro leaves. Parbatya says will Babbu be imprisoned? Annaro hits her.

Nimki says to Ganesh you saw right? If it’s not too much trouble say what is truth. Ritu takes a gander at Gnesh. Sinha says don’t be terrified of anybody. Babbu and Nimki leave for lunch.

Parbatya says I just said what rekha did. Sweeti says for what reason did you hit her? You ought to have been instructing things to your significant other and see how you’re similar to him yourself.

Abhi says Babbu will beyond any doubt accomplish something. Sinha says we must be cautious. Nimki says Sinha you are progressing nicely. Shankar says Babbu nothing will occur. Shankar says you simply need to keep your cool.

Nimki says to Babbu tryin to purchase the judge? Babbu gets irate. ABhi says you are charged here not Nimki. Keep in mind that.

Precap Upcoming Nimki Mukhiya Episode Update: Ganesh is in observer box.


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