Nimki Mukhiya 12th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nimki says wherein is Ganesh. Abhi says allow me look around. Ritu says what if he doesn’t seem. Nimki says he’s from ghat tola. Nimki calls tune. Mauha says let me speak to her. Nimki hangs up. music says Ganesh is lacking. Mauha says will he be jailed today? Nehar says I don’t believe Ganes. it’s far going to take some time. Ismail comes. song says you appearance involved. He says Rubina’s in laws were coming. I asked them now not to. So they are bit angry. music says why did you ask them no longer to come back? He says Nimki is my daughter too.

Nimki says to Abhi wherein is Ganesh. The listening to keeps. choose says Sinha calls you witness. choose says where is he? Nimki says he have to be coming. Sinha says his stomach become disenchanted. Ganesh comes and says i am right here. Sinha says welcome. He goes to witness container. He vows on geeta. Sinha says you saw babbu flee from Nimki’s house right? What did you see? Ganesh is silent. Ritu waves at him. Ganesh is pressured and scared. Ganesh says Babbu that night time was walking from returned door. Ritu and Babbu are dazed. shankar says what’s he pronouncing. judge says an? Ganesh says he was indignant. His face told that he did something. He ran to his house from there. Sinha says why might a person run from backdoor if he came to fulfill his wife? Ganesh says he never cames to ask about her health. Even after Ram’s death.

Shankar says Tettar requested Nimki to shift in his residence again. This girl was in energy. She didn’t need to respect all of us. Shankar says what have been you doing behind Ram’s residence? Ganesh says I went to select chairs. There had been greater chairs. Shankar says how did you bring chairs? Shankar says while you carried chair perhaps nimki waved Babbu in that time. It become in front of your eyes. You couldn’t see Nimki however Babbu. Sinha says he is perplexing Ganesh. Babbu’s chest became bleeding. Nimki stabbed him. Shankar says carry that knife? They handiest cherished. decide asks inspector ays he says I in no way discovered any knife or scissors. Abhi says I picked it. Shankar says Sinha is mendacity. Shankar says what had been his garments like? He says you can’t don’t forget it?

Precap Upcoming Nimki Mukhiya Episode Update: Sinha says we can check Babu’s chest if Nimki stabbed.


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