Nimki Mukhiya 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Tettar says you only want fashion show? Forgot your manners and culture? Do you know what fashion show is? I will tell you what it is. This ramp, your women will walk on it. On this ramp where I put this crap your mother’s sisters and daughters will wear short clothes and walk on it. Ritu says shame on you people. Tettar says people go to bad women for even dance but you are very happy to see your women walk here. Tune says shut up. There is not going to be a dance or shameless things here. Tettar says who are you? Nimki’s pimp? Nehar says we don’t need your lecture. This all has consent from people of this village. Tettar says wow, Nehar is here too. You are not even a man from any angle. Why should I talk to you? I only care about the respect of this village. Unlike Nehar,

I am very much a man. He says if you care about your respect go from here. People start leaving.
Nimki says stop. I didn’t speak in between so people listen to you and know how disgusting your thoughts are. Ritu says to stay in your limits. Nimki say I didn’t speak in between you shouldn’t either because these people will kill you right here. What is the identification of your wife other than being our wife? Tettar gets angry. Nimki says women are your respect, you said we are your identity then why don’t you let us live? Does your culture shake if a woman walks on it? everyone stands with Nimki. Nimki asks his thugs where is your respect when your sisters are working in the house? Where is your respect when your women suffer. A woman gave birth to you. Did you ever even thank her? You want women to dance for you when you want entertainment. You want women to do what you want only. Does Ramla say you think women should always be known by your name only? Why can’t they have their own name? I want everyone to be equal in this house. All people speak against tettar. Ismail says this isn’t dancing, this is our identity. Niki says tettar arranges dance near elections. He makes women dance so you vote for him.

Nimki says I didn’t lose like you. I won’t. If everyone knows how good are clothes that our women make, who will succeed? Does Ramla say who gave you right to call us dancers? Ramla says I am not someone’s wife. I am ramla. You can’t stop us. You can’t deny our existence. Tettar says I wont let this fashion show happen. I will burn this whole place down. Tettar laughs. His thugs also laugh. Nimki and the women pick carpet on-ramp on which Tettar threw bull dirt and throw it on Tettar. Ritu is dazed. Nimki smirks.

Abhi comes there and claps. Everyone claps and makes fun of the carpet. He takes off the carpet and is completely dirty. Tettar stands there embarrassed.

Precap-Tettar comes home in dirt. everyone is shocked. Babbu says I will kill Nimki today.

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