Nimki Mukhiya 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Mono returns home. He is harmed. Mauha and Tune ask him what occurred. He says Diamond hit me. Mauha says let me see him. Nimki s coming. Mono says don’t advise her. she should be concerned as of now.

Nimki and abhi come outside. Everybody ask them what occurred. Abhi says this is only the start. Mauha comes outside. Nimki says ganesh gave the correct explanation. Ganesh says he paid off me yet I said am with Nimki. Nimki says we will utilize that cash on our town.

Annaro says for what reason would he say he isn’t discharged as of now? That ganesh went to her side. Ritu says we didn’t realize he would trick us. Annaro yells at Tettar and says you are futile. Ritu says things would work out don’t stress. We would reward the judge. Sweeti says what are you saying. Babu is stuck in an unfortunate situation as a result of you. Ritu says we wont give your Nimki a chance to win. Dablo says Babbu is going to imprison? Why all of you look stressed. Annaro hacks. Dablo says do you need drugs? I am heading outside. Annaro says I needn’t bother with anything from you. Precious stone gets back home harmed. Babbu says what was the deal? He says nothing and goes to his room.

Ramla says would babbu be imprisoned? Nimki says I am battling for all ladies. I wont give them a chance to lose. Nimki says where is mono? Tune says he is resting. Nimki says Mono come outside. She says you have a temperature. For what reason is there a wound all over? What occurred. Tune says Diamond hit me. I hit him back. Nimki says what. He says I hit him with stones. Nmki says well done. In any case, I will show him a thing or two as well.

Babbu says what was the deal? He says I was with my companions and fell. Nimki calls Babbu and says is Diamond adjacent? Doesn’t he look harmed? My younger sibling beaten him. Babu is nagry. Nimki says ask him who beat him. Babu says mono hit you? Everybody is stunned.

Precap: Nimki says see the slap all over? That is mono’s hand.


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