Nimki Mukhiya 15th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nimki takes out her garments. Mauha says these are so decent. Nimki says you take it. Mauha says you take my dress. You are giving me yours? Nimki says I can’t fit in them now. You can utilize them. Nimki reviews Abhi in the emergency clinic. Mauha says what occurred.

Nimki says take these. Mauha says you are doing this to render retribution. He did sin and you are enduring. Ramla says this is the means by which world is. There is stil time. Would you like to give this birth? Mauha says when we were youthful. You would utilize a cushion and profess to be a mother. Who realized that fantasy would be bad dream. Nimki embraces them. Nimki gets a call.

Abhi says you sound not well. Nimki says I am fine. I wont make you her over and over. He says we can be companions not legends. Abhi says take as much time as is needed.

Abhi says I am dependably with you Nimki. Mauha says I knwo Abhi will possess you in all conditions. Ramla says Babbu needs to lose.

Tettar returns home. Anaro says where were you? He says at Mahatu. Everything will be great. He says we can’t do anything to that young lady. Annaro says in what capacity can I? He says this is all event in view of your child. You don’t get chance over and over. I wont lose my opportunity of intensity for that nimki. Nothing could really compare to my capacity. Annaro says I wont leave that young lady. Tettar says show her crazy.

Abhi goes to Nimki’s place. She says see Tune brought every one of these medications. Mono says what’s in your grasp? Abi says nothing. Abhi says I have addressed Mahatu. Tune says I wish everything resembled Nayak motion picture. Tune says he is a pointless man. Nimk says I know how to utilize pointless individuals. Also’s, foe is companion. He would support me in the event that I disclose to him I would put down Tetter. Nimki says what’s in this pack? She opens it. It’s a dress. Tune says you realize how to make Nimki cheerful. Abhi gets a call. He says I am coming. Abhi leaves. Nimki turns out in dress. She says how would I look? Where is abhi? Tune says he needed to leave. He got a call from officer.

Precap-Annaro is doing pooja for harmony. Nimki comes to sanctuary.


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