Nimki Mukhiya 16th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Ramla hugs Nimki in tears. She says I feel myself nowadays. Mauha says no man can ever rule a lady. Babbu is on his way recalling whenever Nimki insulted her.

Ismail walks at the level. Nimki says you did so well. Ismail is emotional. Abhi says we are able to younger all the time. Mauha comes on a level too. Ram says that’s my daughter. anyone claps for her. Nimki says properly completed. Mono comes after her. the song says to Mauha you probably did so properly.

Nimki asks Abhi to get equipped. Nimki says my flip is close too. the song comes on stage. He falls but makes it. Nimki says to Abhi that is your flip now. Do you fine. Ahi says shall we go. Nimki says lets cross. He says everybody desires to see us together. music says go cross..

Nimki and Abhi walk the ramp together. a man says isn’t she tettar’s DIL? Ram says no she is my daughter and she is with BDO. They walk the ramp hand in hand.

Nimki could be very happy. Nimki and Abhi dance together in the same attire. Nimki turned into imagining it. Babbu hits biker together with his.

Elna says to Nimki will you be my mummy? Nimki hugs her and says sure. Abhi comes there. music giggles. Mauha says i suppose it’s the moment. Mausi says you two look wonderful together. Nimki is shy. She goes to her room. Abhi involves Nimki. She says i was coming. Abhi caresses her face.

Precap:- Abhi says I really like you to nimki. Nimki says i love you too. Babbu comes in.

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